The Creighton Model System may be used in three ways – to achieve pregnancy, avoid pregnancy, or monitor fertility.  Married couples have the freedom to choose on a daily basis how the system will be implemented.  Since the Creighton Model System relies on standardized observations of the biological markers found in every woman’s cycle, couples will know if they are fertile or infertile on any given day.

The effectiveness of the Creighton Model System has been extensively studied and published in peer-reviewed medical journals.

Achieving pregnancy

pregnancy-pregnant-mom-dadWhen couples of normal fertility select days of fertility for use, the pregnancy rate is 76% in the first cycle, 90% by the third cycle, and 98% by the sixth cycle.

The system adds a completely new dimension to the successful achievement of pregnancy in couples with infertility and other reproductive problems. With the use of the CrMS only, success rates between 20% and 40% can be expected. With a cooperative medical approach to treatment, success rates of up to 80% have been observed (the actual success rate will vary, of course, with different medical conditions).

Avoiding pregnancy


The first effectiveness study of the Creighton Model System to avoid pregnancy was completed in 1980. In 1999, the Journal of Reproductive Medicine published the results of five different studies. This study involved 1,876 couples over 17,130 couple months of use. The method effectiveness (perfect use) to avoid pregnancy was 99.5% and the use effectiveness (typical use) was 96.8%.  These effectiveness measures are as good as oral contraceptives and better than any other drug or device on the market.

Monitoring Fertility


NaProTRACKING™ the menstrual cycle is something that should be done over the lifetime of the woman’s procreative and gynecologic health. Such observations as limited mucus cycles, dry cycles, premenstrual spotting, tail-end brown bleeding, the length of the cycle, the length of the post-Peak phase and many, many others are all clinically very relevant.

Success in using the Creighton Model FertilityCare™ System depends on accurate observing, accurate charting, following the instructions, and for married couples, mutual motivation and loving cooperation.  The system will teach you to appreciate your fertility and any children that result from its use. It is a system that challenges that every child is not just wanted, but loved.  It is also a system which asks women to be active participants in the monitoring and maintaining of their own procreative and gynecologic health, for a lifetime of fulfilling dreams and enjoying procreative health!