Who can use the CrMS?

Since the Creighton Model System is based on the standardized observations and tracking of various biological markers associated with ovulation, any woman from first menses through menopause can use the Creighton Model System.  The system can be used with:


  • Regular cycles
  • Irregular cycles
  • Long cycles
  • Continuous mucus discharge
  • Anovulatory states
  • Breastfeeding
  • Premenopause
  • Post-pill
  • Or any other situation for your entire procreative life!


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As the couple learns more about their natural phases of fertility and infertility, they will begin to realize how important and vital these gifts really are.  Unlike contraceptives, the CrMS treats fertility as a normal and healthy process.  It does not treat fertility as a disease!  The challenge to live in harmony with one’s fertility is often one of the most exciting and meaningful aspects in the use of this system.  Most couples find that the love and respect each holds for the other grows as their understanding and appreciation of their fertility increases.  It is a system that is firmly based in a respect for human life, human dignity, and the integrity of marriage.  Indeed, it is the couples who use this system and their families that benefit from this experience.

-from creightonmodel.com