Fee Schedule

Two Hearts FertilityCare™ Services is a service program for making natural procreative choices and monitoring, maintaining, and evaluating a woman’s procreative and gynecological health.  This system has been built upon an advanced educational technology called CREIGHTON MODEL NaProEDUCATION™ Technology.  Through this unique technology, this system can be provided to you with the highest quality of an allied health profession.

Professional services provided:

  • Introductory Session  – no fee
  • New Client Registration Fee (includes user manual and charting materials for one year) – $45
  • Picture Dictionary (required for long-distance clients) – $25
  • Each Follow-Up Session – $65
  • New Chart – $5
  • Book of Stamps – $5
  • Individual Stamp Sheets – 25 cents
  • Pregnancy Evaluation – no fee

Services will never be denied due to inability to pay.  If there is a financial difficulty, please consider what you are able to pay in good faith, and a fee reduction may be requested.

Cash and checks are accepted, and credit card payments may be made using PayPal or Venmo.