“I was enthusiastic about the Creighton model even before meeting Drew, because I had heard about what it could do for helping women understand their bodies. I knew it would be an important part of our marriage, but I had no idea what it would do for us until we started to live it. NFP does so much to erase the lies the world has told us about our bodies and our worth and helps us learn to put sex in its proper place in our marriage – it teaches us so much about receiving the other person as gift, about patience and self-sacrifice and self-respect. It allows us to grow closer together and learn new ways to love each other, and to give ourselves freely to the other without fear of shame or misunderstanding. It has improved our communication and our prayer life as well! We are super grateful to Chris for her patience and willingness to teach and witness to the strength of the Creighton model and we would recommend it without reservation to any engaged couple planning for their marriage!”

– Ashley H. –